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Plastic Pp Film Faced Plywood Shuttering For Construction

Short Description:

The plastic surface plywood is an innovative product(plastic surface construction plywood) that heats and presses the plastic surface layer on the wooden plywood. The sheet-shaped hot-melt plastic and the wooden plywood surface are pressed tightly by a calendar. Hot melt and press together.

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Short Description

The hot-melt plastic and the plywood surface layer have a certain bonding strength. The hot-melt plastic pressed into the plywood cavity is cooled and solidified, and it is tightly combined with the wooden rough surface in the cavity, and it also plays a role of nail reinforcement.

So that the plastic surface layer is more firmly bonded to the plywood, and it will never delaminate during use.

The green plastic surface plywood is covered with plastic on both sides to make the stress of the plate more balanced, so it is not easy to bend and deform.

After the mirror steel roller is calendared, the surface is smoother and brighter; the hardness is large, so there is no need to worry about being scratched by the reinforced sand, and it is wear-resistant and durable. It does not swell, crack or deform under high temperature conditions, is flame-proof, fire-proof, insect-proof, corrosion-resistant, and has strong stability.

In the construction, it can be free of smearing and demoulding, it is very easy to demould, and the cement molding surface is smooth and flat, and the effect is excellent.

High-Quality Product Details

Surface: smooth surface, easy to clean, wear-resistant and waterproof
Material: high density, good quality, durable, no peculiar smell
Craftsmanship: exquisite craftsmanship,cut neatly and naturally


Item Value
Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Grade/Certificate First-Class/FSC or as requested
Main Material Pine,eucalyptus
Size 1830*915mm/1220*2440mm
Thickness 11.5mm-18mm or as requested
Usage Outdoor

Product Advantages

1. Transference to concrete is set up very easily, so suitable for the construction of residential buildings, office buildings, etc.
2. Waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-cracking.
3. After installation of concrete, the cement does not stick.
4. Safety, environmentally friendly.
5. High reusable times, saving cost.

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