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Customized Various Sizes Plastic Veneer Plywood

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Water-resistant green PP Plastic film faced formwork plywood is a new type of environmentally friendly building material. It is another new generation product after wood formwork, steel formwork, bamboo and wood glued formwork, and all-steel big formwork. Its interior is made of wood and the surface is covered with plastic (PP Plastic). It is widely used in the pouring of concrete square columns, walls, and roofs. It is especially suitable for bridges, high-rises, tunnels and other projects. It combines the characteristics of the wooden formwork and the advantages of the plastic formwork, make it a good formwork for concrete pouring in key projects, which is environmentally friendly and has low amortized cost.

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This product mainly used in high-rise commercial buildings, pouring roofs, beams, walls, columns, stairs and foundations, bridges and tunnels, water conservancy and hydro-power projects, mines, dams and underground projects.

Plastic coated plywood has become the new favorite of the construction industry for its environmental protection and energy saving, recycling economy and economical benefits, and waterproofing and corrosion resistance.

Eight Advantages

1. Smooth and clean
The plywood is spliced tightly and smoothly. After demoulding, the surface and smoothness of the concrete structure exceed the technical requirements of the existing clear water formwork. No secondary plastering is required, which saves labor and materials.

2. Lightweight and easy to install
Light weight, strong process adaptability, can be sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, and can be formed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of various shapes of building support.

3. Easy demoulding
The concrete does not stick to the surface of the wood plywood, does not require a release agent, is easily demoulded, and is easy to clean the dust.

4. Stable and weather-resistant
High mechanical strength, no shrinkage, no swelling, no cracking, no deformation, no deformation, size stability, alkali and corrosion resistance, flame retardant and waterproof, resistant to rodents and insects under the temperature conditions of -20℃ to 60℃.

5. Conducive to maintenance
The template does not absorb water and does not require special maintenance or storage.

6. Strong variability
Types, shapes and specifications can be customized according to the requirements of construction projects.

7. Reduce costs
There are many reused times, the plastic coated plywood is no less than 25 times, so the use cost is low.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection
All scraps and used templates can be recycled, with zero waste discharge.


Place of Origin Guangxi, China Main Material pine,eucalyptus
Brand Name Xinhang Core pine, eucalyptus or requested by clients
Model Number Plastic coated plywood Face/Back Green Plastic/Custom(can print logo)
Grade/Certificate   Glue MR, melamine, WBP, phenolic,etc.
Size 1830mm*915mm Moisture Content 5%-14%
Thickness 11.5mm~18mm or as required Density 620-680 kg/cbm
Number of Plies 8-11 layers Packing Standard export packing
Delivery Time Within 15 days after order confirmed MOQ 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Usage Outdoor, bridges, high-rises, tunnels and other projects, etc. Payment Terms T/T, L/C

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