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Green Plastic Faced Plywood/Pp Plastic Coated Plywood Panel

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The green plastic faced surface construction plywood is a kind of high-quality plywood, which is made of waterproof and PP (polypropylene) plastic, PP film faced plywood is made of high-quality pine and eucalyptus as raw materials.

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During production, each plywoods will use special high-quality and sufficient glue, and equipped with master craftsmen to adjust the glue; Using professional machinery to embed the tempered film on the plywood, and the edge is 0.05mm thick double-sided glue is applied, and the inner plywood core is closely connected after hot pressing. The physical and mechanical properties are much higher than traditional laminated plywood, such as high mechanical cohesion/high strength, high temperature resistance/corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistance/excellent chemical resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, recyclable and reusable (more than 25 times).
 During the production process, employees are required to typeset rationally and scientifically to avoid excessive gaps between the boards to increase the bending strength and the number of turns to make the concrete solidify smoother and increase the number of repeated uses.
 Due to the unique performance and technology of the green plastic faced  surface construction plywood, its application range is also relatively wide. It is usually applicable to various infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, dams, high-speed highways, high-rise buildings, etc., such as in high-rise buildings, the green platsic plywood can be used to complete a 30 floors building, which can greatly save costs and working hours.


1. Select high-quality eucalyptus veneer, first-class panel, good materials can make good products
2. The amount of glue is sufficient, and each board is 5 taels more glue than normal boards
3. Strict management system to ensure that the discharged board surface is flat and the sawing density is good.
4. The pressure is high.
5. The product is not deformed or warped, the thickness is uniform, and the board surface is smooth.
6. The glue is made of melamine according to the national standard of 13%, and the product is resistant to sunlight, water and moisture.
7. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, durable, no degumming, no peeling, can be used repeatedly for more than 16 times.
8. Good toughness, high strength and high usage times.


Item Value Item Value
Place of Origin Guangxi, China Main Material: pine,eucalyptus
Brand Name GREEN PLASTIC FACED PLYWOOD/PP PLASTIC COATED PLYWOOD PANEL Core: pine,eucalyptus,or requested by clients
Model Number Plastic Faced Plywood Face/Back: Green Plastic/Custom(can print logo)
Grade FIRST-CLASS Glue: MR, melamine, WBP, phenolic
Size 1830*915mm/1220*2440mm Moisture Content: 5%-14%
Thickness 11mm-18mm or as required Density 610-660 kg/cbm
Number of Plies 8-11 layers Certificate FSC or as required
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.2mm Cycle life: Turnover more than 25 times
Formaldehyde Release E2≤5.0mg/L Packing Standard Export Pallet Packing
Usage Outdoor,construction,bridge,etc MOQ: 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Delivery Time Within 15 days after order confirmed Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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