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18 Mm Red Phenolic Plywood Rate Online

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The red construction film faced plywood (short for red board). The red board of our factory has been selected the first class panel material to rotate the veneer with the moderate thickness so as to meet the EU standards and customer needs. The dry and humidity of red board is strictly controlled by master craftsmen to ensure the bonding strength of the plywood. Our typesetting process is strict that to ensure our plywood has a moderate thickness, the core board relies on special tri-ammonia glue and its material is eucalyptus, the glue can reach more than 500g on each sheet.

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The red board is made and shaped through 28 processes, two times of pressing, five times of inspection and high precision fixed-length before packaging. Properties determined by mechanical testing, such as smooth color and uniform thickness, no peeling, good ductility, yield strength, impact strength, ultimate tensile strength, against deformation, hardness, high reuse rate, waterproof, fireproof, explosion-proof, and it is easy to peel off after normal use. It is suitable for family self-built houses, construction land, villas and bridge projects, etc.
The factory pass rate of the plywood is up to 97%, which is as high as 5% than the counterparts, and the reuse times is 2-8 times higher than that of the counterparts, which can greatly reduce the cost. Each board we produce has a small national registered trademark ( we can also customize your exclusive brand according to your requirements if you need it ), and we can offer high after-sales service for you. The following product parameters can be used for reference, if you have other intentions or requirement, welcome to call us.


Item Value
Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Model Number concrete formwork plywood(painted plywood)
Face/Back red/brown glue paint(can print logo)
Main Material pine,eucalyptus, etc
Core pine,eucalyptus,hardwood,combi,etc or requested by clients
Glue MR, melamine, WBP,Phenolic/customized
Size 1830*915mm, 1220*2440mm
Thickness 11.5mm~18mm
Density 620-680 kg/cbm
Moisture Content 5%-14%
Certificate ISO9001,CE,SGS,FSC,CARB
Cycle Life about 12-20 repeated using times
Usage Outdoor,construction,bridge,furniture/decoration ,etc
Payment Terms L/C or T/T
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