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Brand Story

Xinghan Wood brand story: with the best quality board, build the best home!


Xinghan wood industry: Perseverance

China's plate industry development earlier, the old plate market has already been carved up. Xinghan as a new brand, want to be among them is tantamount to a tiger's jaws. In order to overcome the dilemma faced by the brand in the early stage of its establishment, Xinghan constantly adjusted the management rules and regulations, introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and established a strict quality testing system. While learning modestly from peers, accumulate experience and brand awareness.

In 2015, Xinghan wood industry officially put into production, "the initial stage of creation, we are facing a lot of problems." "Low production capacity, unstable product quality, high personnel mobility, labor shortage, low visibility and so on," CAI said. In order to solve these problems, CAI and his team on the basis of strengthening employee welfare, through decentralizing the factory, introducing external talents, organizing external learning and other multi-channel multi-dimensional methods, comprehensively improve the initial strength of Yue Fa, quickly establish a firm foothold in the industry, business is more and more prosperous.

Over the years, The brand of Xinghan wood industry continues to develop, from product quality control, to talent introduction, team management, internal training and so on, every aspect has invested a lot of effort, do a lot of work, just have now Xinghan wood industry. At present, it has formed many product lines such as finger-connected eucalyptus template, solid wood multilayer board, aldehyde-free OSB ecological board, laminating board and wood square, and has become a large enterprise in the production and sales of paint-free ecological board of various substrates such as plywood, joiner board, which is well known in the majority of consumer groups. Xinghan Wood was officially established on November 16, 2020.

Xinghan wood industry founder - CAI Gangping

Chuang wood industry for many years, CAI has accumulated a lot of experience, but also saw the overall status of the plate industry at that time. CAI said: "the plate market is actually very large, but the quality of each plate is uneven. Only plank quality is excellent, ability attracts consumer. Therefore, I came up with the idea of investing in a factory to produce plates." So, CAI decided to establish his own brand - Xinghan wood industry, opened the entrepreneurial career, set foot on the road of brand development.


Xinghan wood industry development road: make persistent efforts!


As a practitioner of low-carbon environmental protection concept, Xinghan wood industry has been building green and comfortable living in an all-round way with strict health standards, bringing a safety guarantee to family members at the same time, but also injecting the concept of environmental protection into every board. "With the best quality board, build the best home", Xinghan wood industry's environmental protection technology to create healthy board, to improve the living environment for consumers, to achieve natural healthy life, to provide high-quality noble home experience. Not only that, Xinghan wood industry actively respond to the national call on green environmental protection, to promote the green process of the industry as its own responsibility, adhere to the concept of "green environmental protection", "solid wood core", "originality quality" to request products, for consumers to present high-quality high-end panels of environmental protection. Xinghan wood industry will "use the best quality board, build a better home" as the brand management philosophy, with the originality of the attitude to create board products, is committed to the majority of consumers to bring health, environmental protection, ecological livable living space. Future; walking wood will always uphold the originality, adhere to the "with the best quality board, build better homes" create high-quality products, and continue to advocate green consumption idea, for consumers to build healthy beautiful household lives, actively integrating the resource of all kinds of advantages in the global competition, with high quality, high environmental protection product as the carrier, to make influential plank product service, Realize the transformation and upgrading from the manufacturing industry to the brand service industry, and strive to build resource advantages, innovation advantages, brand advantages, realize leaping sheet metal development, to the next brilliant!