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Guangxi Xinghan Wood industry and Guangxi Forestry Bureau and other cooperation to promote high-quality forestry development

One year after the beginning of the United States, vientiane update beautiful spring. In the morning of January 11, in the “best landscape under the world” Bagui land, in the nanning River river, guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guangxi Xinghan Wood industry cooperation to promote high-quality development of forestry signing ceremony held.
Chun-ming fang, vice chairman of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, autonomous regional people’s government, Mr Barrow, deputy secretary-general of the autonomous region party secretary, the director Huang Xianyang, party member and deputy director of the autonomous region forestry administration Lu Zhixing, congzuo city committee secretary LanXiao, congzuo city ChiWei long, the bank guangxi branch secretary of the party committee, governor Chen Mengmeng, walking wood industry director tsai, chairman of the Hong Kong ping, Leaders from the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region, The Forestry Bureau of the Autonomous Region, the People’s Government of Chongzuo City, guangxi Branch of Agricultural Development Bank and Xinghan Wood Industry attended the signing ceremony. Also present at the ceremony were media friends from China Economic Media Association, People’s Political Association, Workers’ Daily, China Enterprise News, China Building Materials News and local media.
In line with the principle of “complementary advantages, industrial upgrading and win-win cooperation”, and actively responding to the national call for “double carbon”, Xinghan is determined to work with Chongzuo Municipal People’s Government, Guangxi Forestry Bureau and Guangxi Branch of Agricultural Development Bank to give full play to their respective advantages. In guangxi to build from the forest land, planting, management, logging, veneer lathe cutting, high-end man-made board, the green, green furniture, floor trading platform, such as carbon sinks trade total closed chain type ecosystem management, high quality development of forestry industry, create a flow, the international domestic influential walking wood industry (guangxi) all green ecological industry chain base, To build Guangxi into a demonstration area for the high-quality development of the national forestry industry, constantly consolidate and enhance the leading position of Xinghan wood industry, to create a “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” to provide guangxi (Xinghan) model.
The signing ceremony was presided over by Leng Guangming, the second-level inspector of the Forestry Bureau of the Autonomous Region. At the beginning of the ceremony, Huang Xianyang, the director of the Forestry Bureau of the Autonomous Region, made a speech. Huang mentioned in his speech that Guangxi is an important forest resource rich area, forest green industry concentration area, forestry open development core area. Up to now, the forest coverage rate of the whole region has reached 62.55%, ranking the third in China and the first in western China. The area of plantation forests reached 134 million mu, and the annual timber output exceeded 47 million cubic meters, ranking first in China. The total output value of the forestry industry reached 800 billion yuan, ranking the second in China, among which wood processing and paper making, underforest economy and forestry eco-tourism have steadily become three industries worth 100 billion yuan. We cooperate with the bank guangxi branch, walking wood, seek common development, the national “double carbon” goal, relying on high quality construction of national forest reserves, comprehensively promotes modernization level, industry chain supply chain to promote grandeur of forestry high quality development, coagulation hearts meet force construction of the new era of the grandeur of socialism with Chinese characteristics in guangxi!
Chongzuo City Party Secretary LAN Xiao emphasized in his speech that the cooperation between Chongzuo city and Daya Technology Group is a combination of complementary advantages. Chongzuo Municipal Committee and municipal Government will carry forward the style of stepping stone to leave a mark and grasping iron to leave a mark, and give full support to the construction of xinghan (Chongzuo) Forestry industry chain base project with the most preferential policies, the most excellent environment and the best service. It is hoped that Xinghan Wood will give full play to its advantages in talent, technology, capital, management and platform, strive to realize the start of the project as scheduled and the completion and production of the project as soon as possible, strive to build itself into an international leading base of the whole industry chain, and accelerate the construction into a demonstration area for the high-quality development of the national forestry industry.
Then, Agricultural Development Guangxi Branch president Chen Mengmeng gave a speech, he said: As the only agricultural policy bank in Guangxi, we will take this contract as an opportunity to provide a package of differentiated financial products for guangxi modern forestry construction and xinghan wood industry chain extension. In terms of credit scale allocation, interest rate pricing, loan term and other aspects, we will give maximum preferential treatment and the best quality service to meet the needs of forestry development and key project promotion. The Autonomous Region Forestry Bureau and Daya Group can rely on the “partner bank” and become the “strategic bank” in the green field. We will play a “as the forerunner, short board, counter-cyclical” role, constantly improve cooperation mechanisms, innovative ways of cooperation, promoting trilateral strategic cooperation continued to deepen, compose the new chapter, to “speed up the construction of strong beautiful and ecological civilization in guangxi area, out of green development path with the characteristic of guangxi” to make new greater contributions!
CAI Gangping, chairman of the board of directors of Xinghan Wood industry, emphasized in his speech: today’s signing means a better beginning; It means closer and more practical cooperation. We will adhere to the integrity and responsibility, under the support and cooperation of all partners, in accordance with the principle of “intensive plant, harmless raw material, clean production, waste resource recovery, low carbon energy”, establish a green factory evaluation system, to achieve green development. “Digital innovation” as the focus, the establishment of walking the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) green carbon trading center, make all kinds of forest products to high standards, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of the green, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, improve product quality and added value, and the formation of industry cluster effect, the building of guangxi, China and even the global important high-end man-made board, furniture home base.
In the following signing process, Mayor Chi Wei and Vice President Sui Min first signed the project book of Guangxi Forestry Industry High-quality Development Demonstration Zone and Xinghan (Chongzuo) Forestry Whole industry chain base on behalf of Chongzuo Municipal People’s Government and Xinghan Wood Industry. Later, Lu Zhixing, Deputy Director general, Jiang Zhiqiang, and Sui Min, deputy President, signed the cooperation framework Agreement on forestry Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China and Xinghan Wood Industry on behalf of the three parties. Vice Chairman Fang Chunming, Deputy Secretary-General Liang Lei, Secretary LAN Xiao, Director Huang Xianyang, President Chen Mengmeng and Chairman Chen Jianjun took the stage to witness.
Strong forces to join hands for the great cause of the ambitious new launch
The contract, the parties cooperate fully, around one trillion yuan green forestry industry in guangxi, geared to the needs of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) to establish the forestry industry chain all high quality development “rules” in guangxi, from service “10 + 1″ cooperation to RCEP and “area” development, hand in hand to build the western Lu Haixin channel, to speed up trains for building transportation system, promoting industrial development and rural revitalization, It is of great significance to highlight the regional advantage, resource advantage, policy advantage and latecomer advantage in the development of Guangxi forestry industry.
At the same time, marking xinghan wood industry settled in Guangxi has made significant progress, in stimulating local economic development at the same time, will also give full play to the industry leading enterprise brand advantages, fully develop the comprehensive use of wood resources, the formation of industrial aggregation effect. Jointly promote the construction of Guangxi national reserve forest during the “14th Five-year Plan”, build high-end green forest industrial brands in Guangxi, China and even the world such as wood-based panels, flooring and home furnishing, and jointly establish the Xinghan ASEAN Green carbon (wood) trading platform centered on digital innovation of living wood, wood, carbon sink and green carbon.

Post time: Jun-20-2022