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Wooden Planks For External Use Of Buildings

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Our film faced plywood the film faced plywood selects high-quality pine & eucalyptus as raw materials; High-quality and sufficient glue is used, and equipped with professionals to adjust the glue; A new type of plywood glue cooking machine is used to ensure uniform glue brushing and improve product quality.

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Laminating is a physical process, a layer of film and a layer of aluminum plate after high temperature and high pressure pressing. Film thickness is generally between 0.1 and 0.3 mm.
The visual effect of the thick plate is more broad, but it is not the thicker the better, more than 0.6 mm is enough, the normal thickness of the film board is about 0.7 mm. The easiest way to determine thickness is to swing it around and see if it's tough.
Easy construction: one of the advantages of laminating board is convenient installation, easy construction, greatly shorten the construction period, reduce the construction cost.

Product Advantages

1. The quality of our board plywood is stable, the initial adhesion is ≧6N, and the tensile resistance is good.

2. The use performance is high, the wooden plywood is not deformed or warped, and can be reused many times.

3. The thickness of the board is uniform and the special glue is used. Ensure that the core board material is grade A, and thickness of the product meet to requirements.

4. The plywood does not crack, with strong elastic modulus, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

5. Customized size are available. Strong and rigid/Easy to clean and cut/Good chemical resistance.

Guaranteed Quality

1. Certification: CE, FSC, ISO, etc.

2. It is made of materials with a thickness of 1.0-2.2mm, which is 30%-50% more durable than the plywood on the market.

3. The core board is made of environmentally friendly materials, uniform material, and the plywood does not bonding gap or warpage.


Place of Origin Guangxi, China Main Material pine, eucalyptus
Brand Name Xinhang Core pine, eucalyptus or requested by clients
Model Number Film Faced Plywood Face/Back black(can print log)
Grade/Certificate   Glue MR, melamine, WBP, phenolic
Size 1830*915mm/1220*2440mm Moisture content 5%-14%
Thickness 11.5mm~21mm or as required Density 600-690 kg/cbm
Number of Plies 8-11 layers Packing Standard export packing
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.3mm MOQ 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Usage Outdoor, construction, bridge, etc. Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Delivery Time Within 20 days after order confirmed    


Q: What are your advantages?
A: 1) Our factories have more than 20 years experiences of producing film faced plywood, laminates, shuttering plywood,melamine plywood,particle board,wood veneer,MDF board,etc.
2) Our products with high-quality raw materials and quality assurance, we are factory-directly sale.
3) We can produce 20000 CBM per month, so your order will be delivered in a short time.

Q: Could you print the company name and logo on the plywood or packages?
A: Yes, we can print your own logo on plywood and packages.

Q: Why we choose Film Faced Plywood?
A: Film Faced Plywood is better than iron mould and can satisfy the requirements of constructing mould, the iron ones are easy to be deformed and can hardly recover its smoothness even after repairing.

Q: What is the lowest priced film faced plywood?
A: Finger joint core plywood is cheapest in price. Its core is made from recycled plywood so it has low price. Finger joint core plywood can only be used two times in formwork. The difference is that our products are made of high-quality eucalyptus/pine cores, which can increase the reused times by more than 10 times.

Q: Why choose eucalyptus/pine for the material?
A: Eucalyptus wood is denser, harder, and flexible. Pine wood has good stability and ability to withstand lateral pressure.

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