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Xinghan Wood Industry: people-oriented, to build a brand with vitality

Recently, China Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry team came to Guangxi Xingbin Xinhan Wood Industry Co., LTD., and sales director Liu Hong and other leadership on the development of Guangxi board industry, Guangxi Xinghan wood brand management status and other aspects of the in-depth exchange, the brand positioning has a clearer cognition.
Xinghan wood industry board to high quality, high standard board product research and development as the main business. Always implement the spirit of “innovation, professionalism, focus, concentration”, is committed to the production of uniform density, smooth board surface, natural texture, excellent quality of high-quality board, over the years to bring a line of intimate service for the industry.
Xinghan Wood has always adhered to the values of “people-oriented”, and implemented the humanistic care to every detail of the enterprise and brand management. Advocating that the value of the enterprise comes from the staff, Xinghan Wood internal treasure, reuse talents, not only pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, but also pay attention to improve the technical level of employees. Based on the professional training system, Xinghan Wood has built a professional production and design team over the years. At the same time, we pay attention to the introduction of advanced ideas and talents from outside, keep the enterprise constantly injected with fresh blood, and help the brand rejuvenation strategy continue to push forward.
Externally, Star Han wood industry follows the market trend. Insight into the needs of The Times, always adhere to the pace of environmental protection and research and development, with innovation and ingenuity to convey quality and pursuit, in the homogenized market unique, to provide consumers with rich and comprehensive choices, light up the personality of the home space. As a first-line innovative enterprise, Xinghan Wood industry early aware of the new market trend, early layout of the whole house customization business.
At present, the development of Xinghan wood industry has entered a new stage, and the competition of enterprises will become more and more fierce in the future. In the future, Xinghan Wood will continue to actively embrace the changes in the market, put deep thinking and understanding into the products, and become the first tier of sheet enterprises in Guangxi.

Post time: Nov-22-2022