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The Municipal Forestry Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry

Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Forestry Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry. According to the Liuzhou National Reserve Forest Construction Plan, Xinghan Wood Industry will make use of capital, technology, management and other advantages to invest in the construction of 500,000 mu of high-quality national reserve forest in our city, with an estimated investment of about 2 billion yuan and a construction period of 5 years.
  According to the agreement, the Municipal Forestry Bureau will provide Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry with a good policy business environment and services. Xinghan Wood Industry will carry out project operation scientifically and standardize in accordance with the relevant policies of national, provincial and municipal national reserve forests, prepare relevant development plans and business plans, ensure that ecological, economic and social benefits are taken into account, and be responsible for the collection, storage and circulation of project forest land, project financing and fund raising, and provide support in project construction town and village infrastructure construction and rural revitalization. This cooperation innovates the national reserve forest construction model, introduces social capital to participate in the construction of national reserve forest projects, and forms a new model of national reserve forest construction that is “led by the government, implemented by enterprises, and participated by forest farmers”.
  The Liuzhou National Reserve Forest Project is an important measure for the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to implement the development concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, build ecological civilization, and promote green and high-quality development. Liuzhou has abundant forest land resources and good natural conditions such as water, light and heat, and has good basic conditions and outstanding comparative advantages in building a national reserve forest base. At present, the city has a total forest land area of 17.84 million mu, forest stock of 66.87 million cubic meters, forest coverage rate of 74.52%, ranking first in the province. Since Liuzhou was listed as a pilot city for national reserve forest construction and forest right collection and storage in Guangxi Province, the municipal party committee and municipal government have attached great importance to and fully promoted the construction of the project. After continuous exploration, the city has introduced a state-owned enterprise in Guangxi Province as the main body of national reserve forest project construction, but the planned scale of the national reserve forest project in our city has reached 2 million mu, and more powerful large-scale enterprises are needed to participate in the project construction.
Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry is a first-class enterprise committed to forest resources cultivation, wood processing, forest product processing, seedling cultivation, forestry planning and design, etc., with strong strength, advanced technology and rich management experience. The cooperation between Liuzhou and the enterprise will surely inject strong new impetus into the city’s acceleration of the construction of the national reserve forest project.

Post time: Nov-29-2022