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In 2022, the total output value of laibin’s wood processing industry is expected to be more than 21.1 billion yuan

“Clear waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver.” Recently, the guest city forestry bureau party members, deputy director Lu Xianghui said, this year, the city’s forestry system adhere to the “policy is big, project is king, environment is this, innovation is to” requirements, take the initiative, grab to catch speed, promote the city’s high-quality forestry development, to ensure that the economy of the whole year to open a good bureau, from a good step.
In 2022, the city’s total output value of forestry is expected to reach 37 billion yuan. Among them, the total output value of wood processing industry is more than 21.1 billion yuan, the output value of enterprises on the plan is more than 11 billion yuan, and more than 20 new enterprises on the plan of wood processing; The economic area under the forest is 2.75 million mu, and the output value is 6 billion yuan. It is estimated that 3.6 million cubic meters of licensed timber will be harvested in the whole year, and 6 forestry demonstration zones at all levels will be established.
The explosive growth of the expected target of total forestry output value stems from the brilliant achievements of the city’s forestry work in 2021. Forestry system has successively won the autonomous region last year, the city level and above six prizes, experience of practice at all levels of leadership positive instructions or speak at the conference as a typical 7 times, three schedule ranking in the first, three on the municipal “inventory”, two levels of city, county forestry bureau are chosen as the autonomous region of forestry science and technology to promote advanced unit; We completed the development of the undergrowth economy of 2.67 million mu, with an annual output value of 5.8 billion yuan. Especially catch big wood processing industry, catch big wood processing industry effect is obvious, the new cultivation of wood processing regulations on the enterprise 46, a total of 102, is the city’s top regulations on the enterprise of more than 100 industries. In 2021, the newly-added timber processing enterprises will contribute 30.1% to the industrial added value and 5.1% to the GDP of the city, making great contributions to the high-quality economic and social development.
Laibin is rich in forest resources, with a forest area of 746,700 hectares and a coverage rate of 53.65%. How to use the “20 Methods of Project Work” to seize opportunities and plan projects? Lu Xianghui believed that in order to achieve the expected goals, we must consider how to convert resource advantages into development advantages on the existing basis, which can be explained from the following two aspects.
First, we must protect our forests and underpin green development. Deeply study the speech spirit of Secretary He Chaojian, use “20 methods of project work” to do projects, promote industry, adhere to the priority of protection, green development. Combined with the preliminary selection of Dayaoshan national park area by the Autonomous Region, the construction of three national wetland parks, the construction of natural education and research practice camps in Guangxi Dayaoshan National Nature Reserve, the construction of national reserve forests, the “oil tea” double thousand plan, and the construction of rural revitalization forestry demonstration villages will be promoted. As well as the selection and renewal of ecological forest rangers, ecological public welfare forest benefit compensation, natural forest cutting subsidies, policy forest insurance and a number of forest ecological projects, keep the green mountains of the guests.
Second, do a good job of “industry” and draw a grand plan for industrial development. The city plans to guide and support a group of projects to apply for the 2022 Autonomous region rural revitalization characteristic forestry project and the 2023 autonomous region level underforest economic demonstration project, and promote Jinxiu to create the autonomous region level underforest economic demonstration county. Focus on the development of the wood processing industry, accelerate the construction of the layout of the wood processing industry with “one domain, three cores and multiple points”, and focus on introducing a number of deep processing and high-end wood processing enterprises such as ecological board, wood floor, particleboard, fiberboard, furniture board and household manufacturing. In cultivating superior enterprises above designated size and output value over one hundred million yuan the strength of the enterprise, accelerating the crane paper, guangxi green state new materials with annual capacity of 800000 cubic meters of osb new production lines, one thousand boat building materials household, GuiZhong high-end household green circular economy industrial park of guangxi, guangxi wisdom wood on “cloud” and other major projects, We will strengthen industrial chains, improve supporting industries, optimize industrial structure, and strive to transform and upgrade the development model of the whole industrial chain.

Post time: Jun-20-2022