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Guangxi Xinghan wood industry in the first quarter of new wood-based panels and other output value year-on-year growth of 115.86%

Since this year, Guangxi Xinghan wood firmly implement the autonomous region “early grasp dry quarter, seek progress in stability to open a good bureau” deployment requirements, closely follow the “reform and innovation battle” to further promote the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, with the “five innovations” to promote economic growth, steady growth. According to financial express, Guangxi Xinghan wood industry in the first quarter operating income, profit and other major economic indicators have continued to maintain a steady growth trend, net profit growth of 12.32% year on year, labor gross product growth of 9.97% year on year, among them, forest resources plate operating income growth 11.81% year on year; The output value of new products in the forest industrial sector, including new-type wood-based panels and green smart homes, increased by 115.86% year on year, making the first quarter a “steady start” and a “good start”.
First, we made innovations in Party building and guided production and operation. Guangxi Xinghan wood industry to further strengthen the leadership of the Party, strengthen party construction, give full play to the direction of the Party committee, manage the overall situation, promote the implementation of the role. Innovation and improve the party building work responsibility system, the group party committee under the 16 party branch in the planning advance “a branch of a brand,” around the “green water castle peak station” pioneer “jinshan yinshan pioneer plant” vanguard “green service” and so on the content of the carrier, to build the party construction of “two mountains pioneer” brand, to strengthen the party’s leading role, promote the party building and production and business operation depth fusion, double ascension.
Second, we made innovations in management mechanisms to promote the shift of growth drivers. We will comprehensively deepen the three-year campaign for enterprise reform and make innovations in systems and mechanisms. By the end of March, enterprises had completed 114 reform tasks of the three-year action plan, with a completion rate of 91.94 percent. We will make innovations and improve rules and regulations and assessment and incentive systems to energize enterprises and motivate employees, and further improve work efficiency, quality, and management. Innovate and optimize the industrial platform, reorganize and integrate the secondary industrial sector of enterprises, strengthen capital operation, and strive to move toward the goal of industrial sector and asset securitization.
Third, adhere to the concept of innovation, clear development thinking. The enterprise deeply practices the new development concept, focuses on the main industry of forestry, scientifically plans the development of the “14th Five-year Plan”, creatively proposes the wood-based panel “336″ action plan, namely to build three fiber-board production bases, three particleboard production bases and six plywood production bases, forming a new pattern of coordinated development. Positive introduction absorbs the international first-class modern man-made board production technology and equipment, a high starting point, high standard construction of a batch of advanced man-made board production line, promoting the transformation and upgrading, quality efficiency, promote forestry board furniture integration, extend the man-made board industry chain, to man-made board brand, realizing a complete coverage of wood processing primary and intermediate products, Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise wood processing industry.
Fourth, we will promote brand innovation and speed up market development. The enterprise further promotes the implementation of brand strategy, focusing on “building the best home with the best quality wood” to build the brand, leading by the brand name of “Guanglin New Material”, promoting the establishment of sub-brands such as Shangsihuelin “Guihua” fiberboard, Hengxian Xinweilin “Xinwei” particleboard and “Xinhan” plywood by board type. Among them, Shangsihualin “Guihua” brand wood-based panel has won FSC certification, “Hong Kong Green Mark” and other high-end certification; Guanglin Ocalo (Guangxi) home furnishing company has obtained the “FSC-COC” certification, and the products have obtained the “green pass” to enter Europe and the United States and other foreign markets.
Next, walking in guangxi wood industry will further promote innovation-driven development strategy, to “seek improvement in stability GongJianNian” each work, cling to work in the second quarter, play “construction projects” “innovation” “quality, and the efficiency” “guard against risk” to be completed, promote enterprise production and operation to improve the “quality” and “quantity” of steady growth, Strive to achieve the goal of “double half” in the first half of the year, to complete the annual target to lay a solid foundation, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party.

Post time: Jun-20-2022