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Guangxi Xinghan Wood Industry Chain Extension Chain Strong Chain to create cluster development advantages

Core Abstract: Xinghan Wood Industry adheres to the “three-end force”, strives to promote the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial chain, and accelerates the wood industry. From the initial veneer and plywood manufacturing, it has gradually developed to complete terminal products such as panels, cabinets, wooden doors, floors, and whole house furniture, and a perfect industrial chain system for adhesives, wood machinery, product inspection and testing. At the front end of the industrial chain, the standardization of enterprises is improved, supporting enterprises to extend the chain downstream, and comprehensively improving production efficiency, management level and operating environment.
Xinghan Wood has developed from a small veneer factory to an enterprise with 20 production lines, and Xinghan Wood has developed from a single veneer manufacturing to a single veneer manufacturing and board making integration, which has improved the added value of products. At the middle end of the industrial chain, pay attention to the technological transformation of enterprises. Encourage enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, give interest subsidy to enterprises that implement technological transformation to purchase a single set of equipment of more than 1 million yuan, and give a certain proportion of subsidies to enterprises that purchase intelligent equipment in batches on the basis of technical transformation equipment discount, and guide and encourage enterprises to carry out equipment renewal and intelligent transformation.
At the end of the industrial chain, increase the proportion of high value-added products such as flooring and wooden door whole-house customization. Xinghan Wood Industry accelerates the application of the industrial Internet, invests nearly 100 million yuan to introduce “Internet + industrial whole house digital customization” technology, extends the product line from plywood to wooden doors, wardrobes, cabinets, etc., realizes the integration of hard installation, fixed installation, movable furniture and other home decoration, and realizes the whole process of automatic circulation and control from the design end, production end to the sales end. Continuously extending and broadening the wood industry chain, leading the rapid development of emerging formats such as prefabricated decoration and prefabricated buildings, Xinghan Wood Industry has opened up a new development path.

Post time: Nov-11-2022