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Guangxi Xinghan Wood industry chain extension chain strong chain to create cluster development advantage

Xinghan Wood industry adhere to the “three end force”, force to promote the optimization and upgrading of the whole industry chain, accelerate the wood industry. From the original veneer, plywood manufacturing, gradually developed to plate, cabinet, wood doors, flooring, furniture customization and other terminal products, adhesives, wood machinery, product inspection and testing supporting industries complete industry chain system. At the front of the industrial chain, enterprises should improve their standards, support enterprises to extend the chain downstream, and comprehensively improve production efficiency, management level and business environment.
Xinghan wood industry has developed from a small veneer factory into an enterprise with 20 production lines. Xinghan wood industry has developed from single veneer manufacturing to integration of veneer manufacturing and board making, which has improved the added value of products. Industrial chain middle end, grasp enterprise technology transformation. Enterprises are encouraged to increase investment in technological upgrading, and enterprises that purchase equipment of more than 1 million yuan per set are given discount interest subsidies. Enterprises that purchase intelligent equipment in batches are given a certain proportion of subsidies based on discount interest of technological upgrading equipment, so as to guide and encourage enterprises to carry out intelligent upgrading of equipment.
At the end of the industrial chain, the proportion of high value-added products such as floor and wooden door customization is increased. Walking wood industry to speed up the industrial use of Internet, investment of nearly one hundred million yuan to introduce “whole house digital custom” Internet + industry technology, the product line from plywood extends to the wooden door, wardrobe, cabinets and so on, to realize hard outfit, solid loading, furniture decoration integration such as integration, from the design, production to sales side to reach the full automatic flow transmission and control. Expanding the wood industry chain, leading the rapid development of prefabricated decoration, prefabricated building and other emerging industries, Xinghan wood industry has opened up a new development path.

Post time: Jun-20-2022