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Guangxi Xinghan wood industry and Guangxi Lierde Trade Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On September 7th, Guangxi Xinghan Wood industry and Guangxi Lierde Trade Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At the signing ceremony, CAI Gangping and Qing Yong signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both enterprises, and expressed their good wishes to establish long-term cooperation, seek common development and mutual benefit.

QingYong said the sign to open the DE and walking wood industry of strategic cooperation for the first time, at the same time, Leon and DE is also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with walking wood industry in the first group subsidiary, is hoped that both sides hold cooperation, further strengthen the contact, strengthen cooperation and create benefit, strive for group the sprint world 500 strong together.

CAI Gangping said that the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed with Guangxi Li and De Trade Co., Ltd. is of great significance and opened the pace of xinghan wood industry to accelerate development. He said that all the staff of Xinghan wood industry will be in accordance with the requirements of the agreement, the quality of products, preferential prices and better service to Guangxi Lierde Trade Co., LTD.

This cooperation is an important result of unremitting efforts and repeated consultations between Guangxi Lierde Trade Co., Ltd. and Xinghan Wood industry, as well as a solid platform for both sides to expand exchanges and strengthen cooperation. The two sides will become a firm strategic partner of mutual benefit and common development, and will also become a strong support to promote reform and innovation, industrial transformation and high-quality development of the Group.

Post time: Jun-20-2022