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Film Faced Plywood Black Board

Short Description:

The standard size specifications of this plywood is divided into: 1220mm*2440mm and 1830mm*915mm, and the thickness is generally between 11-21mm.

The surface of this plywood is smooth and flat, and it is easy to demould during use, which makes the surface of the concrete smooth and convenient for workers to operate. Select high-quality pine wood and eucalyptus wood as raw materials, which have small lump and good toughness.

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Product Description

How to improve the selection ability of wooden plywood, please look at the following aspects:
First of all, please check whether the surface of the wooden plywood is smooth and flat: smooth and flat, making it easy to demold during use, the surface of the concrete is smooth, and it also indicates the amount of glue on the surface (the more amount of glue, the brighter and flatter the surface). Secondly, whether the assembly is uniform during the production process(unbalanced, pressed out of the board, it is not flat). Finally, whether the thickness of the board edge is the same. If the board-to-board tolerance is large, the concrete surface will not be on the same horizontal line.

Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the board surface before use.
2. When unloading the mold, two workers cooperate and pry the two ends of the board at the same time, and try to let the whole board fall horizontally.
3. If there is a crack on the edge, saw it off during the cleaning process.

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China Main Material pine, eucalyptus
Brand Name Xinhang Core pine, eucalyptus or requested by clients
Model Number FILM FACED PLYWOOD BLACK BOARD Face/Back black(can print log)
Grade/Certificate   Glue MR, melamine, WBP, phenolic
Size 1830*915mm/1220*2440mm Moisture content 5%-14%
Thickness 11.5mm~21mm or as required Density 600-690 kg/cbm
Number of Plies 8-11 layers Packing Standard export packing
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.3mm MOQ 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Usage Outdoor, construction, bridge, etc. Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Delivery Time Within 20 days after order confirmed    
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