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18 Mm Veneer Pine Shutter Plywood

Short Description:

The red board plywood of the engineering has  large size and flat surface. This feature can reduce the workload, and don’t need too many personnel to carry out the formwork, pouring,and demoulding construction operations. It can save a lot of labor costs.

The color of this construction plywood is bright,clean, smooth, and the color can be  red ,black ,brown or as required.Besides, the logo can be printed according to requirements.

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Product Details

Our building red plank has good durability, is not easy to deform, does not warp, and it can be reused up to 10-18 times, which is environmentally friendly and affordable.
The building red plank selects high-quality pine & eucalyptus as raw materials;High-quality glue/sufficient glue is used, and equipped with professionals to adjust the glue; A new type of plywood glue boiling machine is used to ensure uniform glue brushing and improve product quality.
During the production process, employees are required to arrange boards reasonably to avoid unscientific matching of double boards, stacking of core boards ,and excessive seams between plates.
The production operation adopts cold/hot pressing technology, and strictly controls the pressing temperature, pressure intensity, and pressing time to ensure a good compressive strength of the formwork.
The products have undergone a number of strict quality inspection procedure,arrange shipment after packing.


1. Select high-quality pine wood and eucalyptus wood as raw materials, which have small stuttering and good toughness, and select full-core veneers;
2. The surface coating is phenolic resin glue with strong waterproof performance. The core board adopts special glue (the weight of the glue used for each layer of the board weighs 0.5kg). And the layer-by-layer glue is used, which has strong bonding performance and can increase the turnover of the product.
3. Having the characteristics of flat surface,lighten, high strength, and easy processing

Product Parameter

Brand Name Monster
face/back Brown/red glue paint(can print logo)
Grade First-class
Main Material Pine, eucalyptus, etc.
Core Pine, eucalyptus, hardwood,combi,or requested by clients
Glue MR, melamine, WBP, Phenolic/customized
Size 1830mm*915mm, 1220mm*2440mm
Thickness 11.5mm~18mm
Density 600-680 kg/cbm
Moisture content 5%-14%
Certificate ISO9001,CE,SGS,FSC,CARB
Cycle life about 12-25 repeated using times
Usage Outdoor, construction, bridge, furniture/decoration, etc.
payment terms L/C or T/T

Why Choose Us

1. We provide from our own factory directly, giving a rock bottom price, so our price is more competitive.
2. All products are to be produced according to your order including samples.
3. Strict quality control. We're responsible for every batch of shipment.
4. Fast delivery and safe shipping way.
5. We will bring you quality after-sale service.

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